A word about healing

Our dear Pastor Trish was asked a question about healing and her reply didn’t sit well with her.  Apparently the Holy Spirit wasn’t crazy about it, either, and He suggested she read a certain section of Job.  She didn’t want to and continued to try to sleep.  At about 4 am, the Holy Spirit won; Pastor got up and got her Bible out.  The new sermon posted on the audio page —  https://livingstreamschurch.org/audio/ — is a very personal and passionate message from the Pastor on healing.

I must also add that we are not just members, we are a family, and when Pastor Trish preaches, she’s talking to us and not at us.  While we in the Peanut Gallery generally keep our comments to an “Amen” or until after the sermon, it’s not unusual for someone to pipe up.  Please don’t view this as disrespectful–even the most somber sermon from Pastor Trish is like a conversation with a good friend.  <3  That said, there is quite a discussion and several testimonies of healing in the last few minutes


Isaiah audio available on Sermons page

Pastor Trish is currently teaching from Isaiah and all her sermons so far are posted for you to listen to.  🙂  https://livingstreamschurch.org/audio/

Why don’t you pop by this Sunday and hear the next one LIVE!  We’d love to meet you!